Method for "masking" or "wiping out" objects

Hi All,

Is there a way to mask/wipeout objects, using say a shape with a certin fill color (or any other method)? I know with text, you can set it to have a background color of "BG" but I cannot find this color when selecting the fill color of a shape. If I click on the same location that was called "BG" when I was selecting the text style background color, it no longer says for the shape "BG", but "255" instead. If I use this color, it appears to work on screen (i.e. the fill of the shape does indeed match the background color), however, when I go to print, the shape prints as a solid black box.

Note that I am not concerned with masking a reference. I know how to do this using the clip reference method. I am after masking linework/objects that are in the same drawing as the object that I will be masking them.