Keyboard shortcuts

Are there any keyboard shortcuts for symbols? For instance I am creating a list of notes on the side of a drawing and I need a square root symbol. I also need to put an apostrophe symbol over the letter 'c'. Does Microstation have this?




  • yes but it also depends on if its available in your  font ie in TTF the ^2  ie squared is alt 0178

    in some ustn fonts the ~ tilde and  shift  tilde  can insert the mhu or micro u  symbol, the ^ can do degree and the < or > can do things like CL

    try %%D,  %%C, %%P

    But for  most ttf  I just let the word processor mode text editor handle every thing its still quicker  for me.. but if your still in old school pre v8 with the text editor then yes the old short cuts like autocad users have are good


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  • The Insert Symbol button in the text editor will show you what characters are available in the font you are using.

    Pausing the cursor over each symbol will show you the hex value for each letter.  Anything below hex value 00FF can be input using ALT +0xxx (where xxx is the decimal equivalent of the hex code).  Anything above 00FF is unicode and you must use the Insert Symbol button or favorites pulldown to add them.