Cleaning up LineStyles when using DGNLIBS

Here is the situation....
We have recently updated many linestyles where we have CHANGED the display characteristics, but have retained the exact same name.  The process we followed was we opened the DGNLIB file that contained the linestyes, and then imported the new linestyle definitions (they are based on the AutoCAD ASCII  LIN format).  The dialog confirmed that existing linestyle definitions already existed in the file with the same names.  I confirmed to replace with the new definitions.  The DGNLIB was updated with the new LineStyle definitions.  To confirm, I exited the file, and re-entered just to confirm he new definitions were correctly displaying.  All is good! 

However, what I am concerned about are instances where the "old" linestyles are imported into existing DGN files.  Since we are using DGNLIB's to manage the use of linestyles what I am not sure about is what happens when I open an existing file that has "old" linestyles (by the same name) already in the file?  Will the the properties of the DGNLIB LINESTYLE file be used instead of the definition that is in the active DGN file? My concern is that the DGNLIB linestyle definition will be ignored, consequently the linestyle will not display correctly based on the current DGNLIB.