Fustrating fill problems.

Microstation Compatriots, 

I can't seem to fill any shapes I'm making. 
This is what happens: 

All this does is change the filled shapes outline. Similar things happen when I try to use a smartline. 
I need a wall to be a solid color, what exactly am I doing wrong? 

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  • Hi John,

    for more efficient discussion, I recommend to follow the best practices and do not reopen 8 years old discussion, but to post the new question. Plus, specify product and exact version, because your question is probably based on another version and data than discussed. To provide basic information like what element you ask about and to share test data or screen capture would help a lot too.

    It's hard to help you (probably impossible) when the only shared information is "mine still only shows up as white". What is white? With what setting? MicroStation is extremely flexible, offering (sometimes too many) settings and styles of work.

    I find tiring to read "CAD is better / MicroStation is glitchy / ..." in your ever second post. This is not why the forum exists. Even though I ignore simple fact no product named "CAD" exists (is there any problem with using the right name, which is probably AutoCAD?), as wrote: It's not easier in AutoCAD, but you have to know how to work with the product. When you will try to use MicroStation as AutoCAD, you will be constantly disappointed and confused, because they are similar, but not the same.

    BTW Did you pass at least an introduction training (or "migration for AutoCAD users" training)? It looks like not.



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