[V8i] Tasks Tool Menu Not Showing Up

I'm new to this forum but seen my coworker's encountering these recent problems and I don't know what could be happening; I'm the most senior user so they are looking to me to resolve the issue.

They are opening up an existing dgn file, but their Tasks menu is not showing up.  We've tried going to "Tools" and selecting "Tasks" but nothing happens and when you go back in to select it again the menu shows "Tasks" as unchecked.  So it's not even opened and off the screen somewhere, it's just not displaying. 

I've tried having the users who are encountering this problem replace their UPF files with mine because I am not having this same problem, but that didn't correct the issue.

Does anyone have any recommendations to try?  I tried to search the forums a bit and also have them replace their UCF, DOCKINGPREF, and DOCKINGPREFSEED files; but still nothing.