3DConnexion SpaceMouse settings for MicroStation.

A MicroStation settings file for 3DConnexion devices is available here:


It replaces the delivered settings file and includes a useful list of commands that can be assigned to the many buttons on their devices and preset assignments for Navigator, SpaceMouse Pro and SpacePilot Pro devices.

A settings file for AECOsim Building Designer is also included.

Settings for PowerDraft, Navigator and Bentley View will be added shortly.

Any feedback on the choice of commands or suggestions for commands to add would be very welcome.

  • Hello Marc

    Seems like a welcome development/

    I think I have downloaded and installed it OK. A new Microstation V8i menu item in the app/configurations menu appears.

    But I can't get the Microstation commands to work. I using Fit All, Rotate Top and so on mapped to the obvious buttons (F, T, R, L)

    Rather annoyingly now the Fit All doesn't work when previously it did (I had managed to 'programme') that one in.

    For the record, I'm using the Space Explorer USB and SS2, in 'Object Mode'.

    I have just updated the Space Explorer driver to the latest version and that hasn't had any effect on that (though pleasingly it seems to have cured the glitch I was having where if ACS Plane Lock was ON, then the Tilt/Spin/Roll feature would get disabled. This is now not happening so can only put it down to the updated driver)

    I've contacted 3D Connexion several times over the last 3 years or so about the lack of Microstation drivers and each time they palmed me off with a 'you need to speak to Bentley Systems. Though on the one hand do they have seemingly a valid point.

    Couple other 'gripes'

    It used to be (3 years ago??????), that when you fired up Microstation, and the SpaceExplorer was plugged in to your PC (via the USB), then the Space Explorer device would also activate. About 2 years ago this stopped happening and now you have to open up the Control Panel via the (Start Menu) Windows>Control Panels to get it to start up (the first time anyway)

    I see that the Space Explorer Help file still makes now mention of Microstation, ..... but it does several other CAD apps!!! Though it is dated October 2010, ...... I'm assuming this gets updated with the driver updates, ......


    Danny Cooley

    Freelance AEC CAD/BIM Technician Architecture, MEP & Structural  ..... (& ex Low Carbon Consultant, ..... because they weren't that bothered!)

    OBD Update 10, Windows 10 Pro, HP Z4-G4, 64Gb, Xeon 3.6GHz, Quadro M4000

  • Hi Danny,

    Do you work with Task Navigation open? If not that would explain those not working. Open Task Navigation and dock it pinned to a tab and they should operate correctly. This will include 'Fit All' for the same reason.

    I set the commands to use Position Mapping shortcuts associated with the Main Toolbox in the Task Navigation dialog, although was already reviewing that decision. The current alternatives are:

    1. Use complete key-in commands, this will result in the key-in window briefly flashing if it is closed or moving rapidly in and out of application focus if open. The existing settings using Position Mapping have a similar effect as the tool menus flash briefly at the cursor at each command (the length of the flash depending on your graphics card. I would set the command string to return application fiocus to Home.
    2. Set the SpaceMouse settings to use F-keys that then drive MicroStation. This requires the site or user function key settings to match the SpaceMouse settings making things slightly more complicated for people who are unfamilar with function key customisation and adding one more thing for system managers to wrangle.

    On balance I favour continuing with the Task navigation shortcuts.

    I'm talking direct to 3DConnexion to make sure what I do with the settings files is validated and to help with updating their documentation.

    The current 3Dx drivers do need to have the 3DxWare application running in the System Tray.


  • Thanks!

    I miss the possibility to change Display Styles. For example to be able to toggle between Wireframe and Illustration.

    MicroStation Connect Update 11
    LumenRT Update 11

  • Hi Daniel,

    I have an f-keys file that contains some display style commands, I'll review that and publish later in the week.


  • Marc ... Hello

    yes I have task Navigation open, but , ..... I have amended the default Position Mapping keys from the default.

    Sorry to say , .... this is because the default settings for the Position Mapping keys are ..... well, pretty rubbish.

    QWERTY, .??????????????? Are they serious about this???? Sadly it would seem they are.

    What relevance to any workflow does QWERTY (and the layout of the keys on the keyboard generally) have to any AEC workflow or sequence of modelling or drafting tasks? NONE!

    Rant over! (for now!)

    From what I've seen the majority of users, ... do not use these, or if they do, very sparingly (as in 3 or at most)

    Does that mean that the Main Toolbox has to be active for this to work (assuming the user/company hasn't amended the Position Mapping keys)?

    What happens if you are not 'in' the Main Toolbox?

    It may sound like 'more work' but I really would favour the F-Keys option. Preferably set to the 'obscure' 3 key Function (like Ctrl + Alt + F1), ....... Is there anybody out there actually using 3 F key commands?????? (if so good grief, ... what are they doing)

    I think the 'average user' has more chance of maybe tampering with the Position Mapping keys than obscure F-Keys/

    How about Button Assignments???? (again this could use the Ctrl + Alt and such). There might be some issues if there are other mouse/input devices that use more than 4 or 5 buttons. Though the more I think about it, the more the 'Button Assignments' would seem the 'logical' choice/location. It is after all 'button' commands that we are attempting to make work here!

    'The current 3Dx drivers do need to have the 3DxWare application running in the System Tray.'

    I'm afraid mine do (as of about 2 years ago). When I turn on the PC, the Space Explorer does not light up/turn on. It has no effect when I turn on Microstation. Though oddly, when I start up the Space Explorer Control Panel, it opens up, but also produces another Dialogue Box saying '3D Connexion driver is already running'. Well it might be running, but the Space Explorer hasn't 'connected to it' (boom, boom)


    Danny Cooley

    Freelance AEC CAD/BIM Technician Architecture, MEP & Structural  ..... (& ex Low Carbon Consultant, ..... because they weren't that bothered!)

    OBD Update 10, Windows 10 Pro, HP Z4-G4, 64Gb, Xeon 3.6GHz, Quadro M4000