Is there any way of only allowing certain portions of a drawing to be editted?

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This is my first post on this forum. My department (Substation Engineering) prepares designs for Substations in Microstation V8i for the state owned utility in South Africa. We are in the process of standardising alot of our Substation Layouts and one of the major problems that we are experiencing is that users tend to edit standard drawings. This is causing us alot of frustration. Is it possible to allow users to access drawings but to only allow them to edit the title block of these drawings? Help

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Microstation V8i V08.11.07..443

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  • References and write protection?

    Or if you want something complicated Digital Signatures.

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  • How are these drawings structured? Is everything in the same file or are you using references?

  • The best thing to do is have anything that is the same from job to job in stand alone files that can be write locked. Then you can reference these drawings into files that contain only the sheet borders where the title block would also reside. This way you can edit the title block and not have to worry about the standard drawing being changed.

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  • If everything is in the same drawing there are options to Lock selected Elements, You can Lock Levels you don't want changed, or turn on a Level Lock so it  won't permit you to change elements on levels other than the Active level but if the users want to they can learn and get around those. The best way is what was stated before that is to place the Standard details in a separate file that can be write protected (by file Properties or network (Directory/Folder) protection management) and reference that into the drawing. There is also a way to add Password Protection to a file so you can control who can View & Plot  (using 1 password) and who can edit the file (using a different Password).

    Users will find a way around almost anything. Best option is setting rules and Enforcement of those rules. Once a user is made to correct the infringement once or twice, they generally won't do it anymore!

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    Apologies for my delayed response. Firstly, i want to start off by thanking each one of you for your valuable contributions. You have given me some good ideas to work around the problem we are experiencing. Using the write protection and referencing in the files with Level locks might be an easy solution, but there might be some computer geeks who might bypass this. The digital signatures is also something to consider but seems more complicated. The ultimate problem is a lack of discipline amongst CAD users to follow the rules within our department.

    I will take your comments and suggestions back to our Draughting Working Group for consideration. As a first pass i will try to implement the write protection + referencing. I will provide feedback on its efficacy in due course.

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