Adding tag to text/ Exporting to excel.

First of all I would like to state that I am a complete microstation novice when it comes to anything other than drawing lines and boxes :)

I am trying to export text from Microstation (XM) to excel.

On the attached PDF I show a corner of a particular drawing. The 3 pieces of text are part of a reference file which is used on all drawings that I work on. (text content changes drawing to drawing)

My question is, can I assign something to each piece of text in the reference file so that once I have produced thousands of drawings using the same reference I can export Text 1 Text 2 and Text 3 from all drawings into excel, say Text 1 for all drawings in one column, Text 2 for all drawings in another and all the text 3 information in a final column

Is this possible? Is this easily done?

Thanks for any help!

  • Unknown said:
    I am trying to export text from MicroStation (XM) to Excel

    There is an XYZ Text tool that might help.  Key-in: DIALOG TOOLBOX XYZTXT

    More info in MicroStation help.

    MicroStation Tags

    You might consider using MicroStation tags for your titleblock data.  Tags have a number of advantages over plain old text.  First, they have a name, so you know the purpose of the tag.  Second, they have reporting tools to that it's easy to create, say, a CSV file of tag data that you can open directly using a spreadsheet application.

    Thirdly — although this isn't built-in to MicroStation — titleblocks using tags lend themselves to automation.  Many organisations use tagged titleblocks to help harvest the kind of information you want.  Some even update titleblocks from their Excel data.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

  • Hi.

    Finally got my head around Tags! Is there a way to automate the "generate report" for a large number of files? I know the poster above stated that batch processor could be used but I'm not sure if PowerDraft V8i has the capability to do so.
  • Unknown said:
    [2013] I am trying to export text from Microstation (XM) to Excel

    Unknown said:
    [2015] I'm not sure if PowerDraft V8i has the capability to do so

    You've marked this thread as answered. Since you've changed platform, and answers are different, it might be better to start a new thread.

    I don't believe that PowerDraft includes the batch processor. 


    FlexiTable can export tags, it can work through multiple DGN files and it's PowerDraft enabled!

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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