Adding tag to text/ Exporting to excel.

First of all I would like to state that I am a complete microstation novice when it comes to anything other than drawing lines and boxes :)

I am trying to export text from Microstation (XM) to excel.

On the attached PDF I show a corner of a particular drawing. The 3 pieces of text are part of a reference file which is used on all drawings that I work on. (text content changes drawing to drawing)

My question is, can I assign something to each piece of text in the reference file so that once I have produced thousands of drawings using the same reference I can export Text 1 Text 2 and Text 3 from all drawings into excel, say Text 1 for all drawings in one column, Text 2 for all drawings in another and all the text 3 information in a final column

Is this possible? Is this easily done?

Thanks for any help!