I am new to Microstation V8i SS2.

I am trying to move a line so the beginning point of the line is set at 0,0,0 point in my model.  I have selected the line, selected move, selected the endpoint of line as base point, then typed 0,0,0 into accudraw at bottom of screen.  But the line does not move to that location.  How do I move this line, and is there a key-in to accomplish this?

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  • I needed to export a DWG with the coords shifted, sadly the export options don´t have an ACS to Wordl origin overwrite option,

    why would you do that ie shift GO and shift all the coordinates, they will be wrong for  the GCS... if you need them in a  new datum  transform first then save as DWG , 0,0 is always where it belongs …. this makes no sense to me .. but maybe you have an alterior motive....?


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