How can I place a rotated cell that always keep the horizontal text?


How can I place a rotated cell that always keep the horizontal text?

In any rotation always I want to see the result 6.

See image



  • There is an existing enhancement request #41527 for this functionality.

    Possibly the VBA in this thread may be of help


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  • I have created an IDEA this this as it isn't going anywhere.........  2014 this was posted . 9 years later.........

    Place Cell with horizontal text | MicroStation Ideas Portal (

  • I came up with a method that you may find useful.

    1. Create a Point Cell containing a single letter Enter Data Field
    2. Create a Graphic Cell with the symbol graphics, like the circle and a filled wedge shape in the example.
    3. Place the Point Cell from step 1 in the Graphic Cell

    To use this new Graphic Cell:

    1. Place the Graphic Cell in your design.
    2. Select the cell
    3. In the Properties dialog expand the cell entry and highlight the Point Cell (in the example it's  Cell: EDF single )
    4. Under Geometry set the angle to zero.
    5. Deselect the cell.
    6. To change the character in the cell use the Fill in single Enter Data Field tool.

    This video shows how it works:

    Here the example cell I used in the video:


  • By placing the text as "View Independent", the text maintains the existing rotation within a cell. I will mark the idea as Exists. If there was a different requirement do let us know. 

    This is a test

  • I will mark the idea as Exists.

    I think you should re-read the original post.

    The OP and the Idea from  specifically mention placing a rotated cell that contains text which will always keep the text horizontal.


  • Hi Ron. It was a late read. I see the "Upon placement with a rotation". I will change the Idea to "Future Consideration"

    This is a test

  • Hi Stuart

    Basically there is no View rotation to use VI Text.  so the text needs to be always horizontal.  What Rod has created is what we need in the product.  cheers Rod :)

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