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How to set scale for single Linestyles

We are trying to update our linestyles to utilize the annotation scale, so we are drawing everything 1:1. The linestyles are then scaled like a champed when we say the sheet is 100:1, for example. However, there are certain linestyles that we need to always remain at a 1:1 scale, such as the width of a barrier for roadway design. No matter what scale we are at, they need to be drawn at 3' wide. I can't seem to find a way in the linestyle to indicate to never scale that linestyle. I've tried setting the Level Linestyle Scale and Override Scales to 1, however this does not work.

An option would be to use multi-linestyles, however, all our linestyles are not linear - for example traffic control drums are not lines.


Thoughts? Suggestions?



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