PDF Raster is attached only as read-only

I´m using Microstation V8i (SS2). Before today I was able to attach pdf files  as read/write mode but now it is suddenly not possible. Also the pdfs, which I have earlier attached and modified (moved, rotated, scaled etc.), are now as read-only mode. How can this be? (Just be clear, I am talking about Raster Manager, somehow attaching in Reference Dialog is working.)

When attaching new pdfs, I have checked that none of these is happening https://communities.bentley.com/products/geospatial/desktop/w/geospatial_desktop__wiki/13443.raster-images-are-being-attached-as-read-only-in-raster-manager.aspx

What can I do?

  • Hi,

    It is not expected that PDF files be attached in read/write mode in Raster Manager. they are only supported in read-only mode.

    That being said, raster files attached in read-only mode can be manipulated (move, scale, rotate, etc.) and the modifications are saved in the DGN's attachment.



     This is a test

  • If you need to edit your PDF raster image or if the quality is poor when you print the PDF file that is attached in Raster Manager you can convert it to a TIFF image if you have Adobe Acrobat Pro or if you have Adobe Acrobat XI Standard.  You can double click on the PDF image name in Raster Manager and it will bring up an Element Information box.  Under Geometry you will find the DPI value.  If the DPI value is a low value like 96 then your resolution and print quality will be poor.  If you only have Adobe Reader then you will not be to create a new image file.

    Open PDF file in Adobe

    File > Save As Other > Image

    Select TIFF

    Select Settings

    Under Conversion change Resolution to 600

    If you get an error message try changing Resolution to 300