A subject that has been raised before but to which there is still no infomration available is the configuration variable MS_MEMORY_FREELIMIT

There is no mention of it in the Help documentation.

The value of this variable can be seen when looking at memory statistics (Help/about) eg:

Element: 49.4M, 370 Blocks
Available: 60072M (Physical), 3215M (Virtual)
System: 65460M (Physical), 4096M (Virtual)
Free Limits: 50.0M (Physical), 150M (Virtual)  [MS_MEMORY_FREELIMIT]
NOTE: Unable to use all of the memory in your system because current user does not have "Lock Pages in Memory" privilege. See Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Local Security Policy>User Rights Assignment.

The question of how to change the "lock pages in memory" has been dealt with and is quite straightforward but any references to [MS_MEMORY_FREELIMIT] point to long dead or broken links.

I have tried setting it as a configuration variable. This works but has no effect, presumably because I have the syntax wrong. By default it is not set.

Can we have a complete explanation of the function of this variable along with details of some likely settings that could be declared for it?




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