[V8i SS3] References not updating (at all)

Hey all, 

Before I submit a ticket to Bentley support and packup up examples of everything, I thought I'd ask in here:

In a number of different instances now, users have come to me complaining that their references aren't updating anymore; Take a typical 2D sheet with some external references into the default model (at 1:1) and then a scaled self-reference into the sheet model. Normal behaviour is that all references are automatically updated - we have MS_REF_NEWLEVELDISPLAY set to 1 as a site variable and most of these problems are appearing in newly-created sheets from seed. Even if we key-in "update reference", or manually reload the reference, it refuses to update. The really fishy thing is that the self-reference refuses to update - if we draw any old thing in the default model, even that isn't appearing in the direct reference attached to the sheet model of the same file. So far the only fix is to detatch the file completely and re-attach it but that wastes all the work done in the file after the references and is a complete nightmare for layouts with multiple clipped references rather than something like a simple, single plan view in the sheet.

I have searched the forums briefly but can't find much other than the keyin, or the MS_REF_NEWLEVELDISPLAY variable. For the record, the reference files are not in use according to the reference status and the "reload reference" command ought to update regardless of whether someone else is using that particular reference, right?

Maybe it's a bug, maybe I'm wrong to expect all references to update dynamically, but I thought that the whole point of referencing instead of using saved views was so that you always saw the latest, live data.

Any suggestions/help appreciated.