Level color overrides not saving on exit

No matter what I do, my level overrides will not save after I exit.  I:

  • Have Save Settings on Exit toggled on.
  • Have tried manually saving settings
  • Have level overrides on in view attributes
  • Have toggled DWG Visretain between 0 and 1
  • Have toggled SET REFLEVELOVERRIDES on and off

Does it in the main file and references.


  • Hi Matt,

    Does this happen on all files you open?

    Does this happen on other workstations?

    Is this behaviour new?

    One thing I can think of is to check if "MS_LEVEL_AUTO_SYNC_ATTRIBUTE_LIST" or "MS_LEVEL_SYNC_ATTRIBUTE_LIST" have been defined.

    Go to pull down menu: Workspace > Configuration > Levels > Level Attribute Auto Sync.

    This autosyncs levelattribute on file open.

    Go to pull down menu: Workspace > Configuration > Levels > Control Level Attribute Sync.

    This controles wich levelattribute will sync when you sync manually.

    If Auto Sync is defined try to undefine it. If defined, there probably was a reason to. If undefining is impossible, ask the CAD guru in charge how to proseed.

    I've never bothered to see how this responds though, so I could be wrong.

    Good luck.

    Ivo Blaauw
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  • look at the ref manager and check if overrides set to never by mistake...


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  • Control Level Attribute Sync worked.  Thank you very much.