level symbology override key-in

I'm looking for the Microstation J key-in to set level symbology color, weight, and linestyle on a specific level in a certain reference file.  I found it for V8, but it isn't valid for version J.  Thanks!

  • I don't think you'll find such beasts in J, but you could try to record a macro and see what it can do. Some small edits may be required, but it's worth a go.

  • An options is to create a file with the proper symbology (sort of like a template). Then go to the file you wish to change and import that symbology into the reference through the levelmanager. Microstation J supports these kind of cross file transfers, since all files have only 63 levels, if remember correctly. V8 does not work like that.

    Note: either you turn a symbology On for all 63 levels or Off. You cannot toggle symbology for seperate levels.

    Anyway, check the level manager and look for an import option. It's been some time since I last used J, so I apologize if my description is insufficient.

    Good luck

    Ivo Blaauw
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