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Pattern cell default attributes

Hi, I'm trying to hatch an area using a herringbone pattern but without the default color & weight of the existing herringbone cell. To accomplish this, I have placed the existing herringbone cell in my drawing, updated its attributes to the color & weight that I want for my pattern and then created a new cell from the updated symbol to use for the hatching pattern. However, when I hatch out an area using the new cell, it automatically hatches at what appears to be color 0, weight 0 and if I attempt to update the color and weight manually after hatching, only the color & weight of the shape being hatched change, not the hatching itself. If I simply place the new cell in my drawing rather than applying it as a hatching pattern, it maintains the updated color & weight that I created it with so it must be dropping these attributes when I use it as a pattern for some reason. Any suggestions on how to make the hatching appear the way I want? I am working in Microstation J ( Thanks!