2D file has bad element when referenced to 3D

The attached file is a 2D V7 DGN file.  I've deleted most of its content to focus on a bad element.

The file contains two objects: a blue complex shape (the rogue element) and the red dropped components of a copy of that shape.  As you can see, if you open that file with MicroStation/J everything appears OK.

However, customer references that 2D file into a 3D master file.  The blue complex shape behaves oddly when you attach the file as a reference in 3D:

  1. If you attempt to examine the complex shape in 3D, you see visual artefacts that indicate something is amiss
  2. If you continue to footle with the object in 3D, eventually MicroStation aborts
  3. When I attempt to mdlElmdscr_readToMaster in 3D, MicroStation aborts (in 2D the function works as expected with that element)

The dropped components of the complex shape appear to behave normally.  There's something about the complex shape that MicroStation objects to in 3D.

Incidentally, MicroStation V8i handles that object gracefully in the same situation (2D referenced to 3D).  However, we have to work with MicroStation/J because the models have some input from PDS, which has never made it to V8.

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