Can we run macro when opening dgn file?

Dear Friends,

Can we run macro when open dgn file.

Thank you

  • don't think you can but this is what I do. In V7 there are a couple things you can put into the upf or ucf file that will help by defining a user command like this.

    #------ Startup User Command       ------#

    MS_INIT = c:/usr/site)/ucm/test.ucm

    this will run the user command when you open a file. Then in the user command put the following


    key 'macro YOU MACRO'

    exituc: end

    There is also

    #------ New File User Command      ------#


    for when you RD to another file and

    #------ Exit User Command          ------#

    MS_EXIT =

    for when you exit a file.


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