How to build a matrix complete with RGB values?

follow the instruction in

I used C:\Bentley\Workspace\system\data\color256.tbl (is suppied by MS v7)as a color table file to process this macro but I only can see the matrix properly after adjustting the Dynamic view, and alos some numbers are overlapping.

I am using MS V7.

The file has been attached.


  • Isometric 3D View

    The only view in the 3D file you provided is isometric.  Displaying a colour table, which is presumably an array of 2D objects, in anything other than top view doesn't make sense.

    BASIC Macro is Unsupported Freeware

    The BASIC and VBA (V8 only) macros on the AskInga page you cite are provided as-is.  It looks like they were developed several years ago by other MicroStation users, and provided gratis as a service to others.  Feel free to modify the macro to do what you want.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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