Add-on Software not working

We use add-on mapping software within MicroStation J - the software uses a hardware key.  We recently upgraded computers (same OS - Windows XP) and now the hardware key is not recognised.  We have the correct port, and it is working.  Any ideas gratefully accepted.

  • Just to be clear, MicroStation does not use a hardware key. Have you contacted the vendor of the "add-on mapping software" to see if what you are encountering is a known issue and how to resolve it?


  • what is the addon called?

    What did the vendor say?

    Did you reinstal all components of the addon  

    Some dongled software needs new key or licence file if you changed hd or CPU..

    when i first install axiom repair tools it runs a program gets the cpu and I have to send that output file to axiom to get the new activation code  or else it only runs for a few days.. if I update cpu I have to get help from axiom all over again......


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