Text justification within a BASIC macro

Hi everyone,

I'm having some issues with a macro. In it, I need to add separate pieces of text, namely A, B C and D.

The only problem is that when using the MbeSendCommand or MbeSendKeyin, it doesn't allow you to enter B or D.

The only way of getting around this is to use:

MbeSendCommand "A\010\010B\010\010C\010\010D"

This puts the A, B, C and D on separate lines with blank lines in between. The issue with this is that the text justification seems to set a default value, so if the macro is used on other peoples PCs, it changes the text justification to that default value and the text is placed in the wrong position.

Any idea how I can overcome this? The command MbeSettings.textJustification = MBE_CenterCenter does not seem to change anything.