Reference File not Scaling?

A Microstation J question, if you don’t mind helping me out for a second?

I have been searching online all over and using the Microstation help and I cannot find any solutions or results to help with this issue.

I have a few hundred Microstation J drawings completed by our work share team and in receiving them back I have found while most are fine there are some (15 so far) that when I attach a reference file I am not able to scale the reference or if I merge I cannot scale it either?

When scaling from the reference menu the file disappears into blackness….still referenced but not visible? When merged into the file directly and selected to scale it does nothing just stays highlighted and produces no errors.   Yet other files I have no issues.   The background is that these drawing were all originated from PDS 3D, then once issued all references were merged and sent back to us, where we need to attach and scale a title block for printing, but as I said when we attach we cannot scale or merge scale into the file.

Any information at all would be greatly appreciated!


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