Controlling Colours in V7?

I'm sure there is a simple explanation but I don't remember!

I am trying to set up a stable workflow with V7 (due to client pressures), we're working with either XM or V8i and using V7 work mode.

The client works with two different file types .lay and .ach, these have different level names and colour prefs, etc. I have set up two interface selections to define the appropriate level names for each file type but don't understand why the colour, weight, style associations will not update when opening in V7 work mode? - I have to either import levels from a seed or dgnlib file or select all levels and update before they appear, this is needed on every file opened and only works for the current session. Was there another way of bringing these level options in with V7 or were they always set by element? - I understand a dgnlib is not feasible in V7 so only use it as a source for importing.

I hope someone can explain how I can get around this issue, thanks in advance.