Microstation J - Linetype Scaling call out?

Hey everyone,

I have what I think is a simple request but yet it eludes me....I am working on a previous admins custom menu and I see where in the custom tool boxes he is calling for Level / Color / Line Code / Active Scale.

My issue is the AS=0.5 is not the correct call out for the Line Type Scale - example (lv=36;co=66;wt=2;lc=#4/0 Bare;as=0.5) yet when in a drawing calling up this particular option and then going into Custom Line Type the current scale factor is 0.75. Again I do not believe the AS= is the correct option to chose here.

Again another person created the custom line types and I am wondering if in the *.rsc file is where the scale factor must be stored?


Any help or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!