Microstation J - Linetype Scaling call out?

Hey everyone,

I have what I think is a simple request but yet it eludes me....I am working on a previous admins custom menu and I see where in the custom tool boxes he is calling for Level / Color / Line Code / Active Scale.

My issue is the AS=0.5 is not the correct call out for the Line Type Scale - example (lv=36;co=66;wt=2;lc=#4/0 Bare;as=0.5) yet when in a drawing calling up this particular option and then going into Custom Line Type the current scale factor is 0.75. Again I do not believe the AS= is the correct option to chose here.

Again another person created the custom line types and I am wondering if in the *.rsc file is where the scale factor must be stored?


Any help or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!



  • Not enough info here....Are the setting in the menu utilizing a user command, basic macro, or an mdl app ? What format is the menu in ? It is possible to set terminator scale, pattern scale, line style scale etc based off the active scale. In some system that works perfectly fine.....

    Line style scale factors are not stored in the line style resource file.....

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