Please Help: Unable to load dialog whose id is -7???

Hello All,

I was using my Microstation SE and received a "System fault: bad memory access. MDL abort in REF" error in the Microstation text window. I Ignored it (we get this error all the time when we use our Macros) and continued working on my project. When I went up and hit File> Reference a Dialog box pops up saying "Unable to load dialog whose id is -7". At first i thought it was just this drawing but it turns out it any drawing I open. I had another drafter open the drawings and they open without errors. I have also had our local tech reinstall Microstation which also has not fixed it. The strange thing is this only effecting my machine there are 4 other drafters that have opened this drawing with no errors. Any help is appreciated I can not do anything at work besides just wait for an answer or wait till we have our local IT guy figure it out but I don't know if he can he doesn't have any experience with Microstation.

Thanks in advance,