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Snap Perpendicular

How does the perp snap work in Microstation?  In Autocad, I can snap perp to just about anything.  But, in Microstation, it's almost always disallowed. 

I end up drawing lines beyond the point of connection and/or using some other tool or method to ensure perpendicular.

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  • 3D and 2D Design Files

    MicroStation V8 now allows 3D files to be referenced into 2D files! This means that under no circumstances should topo files, grading files or other 3D files be "squashed" (exported) to 2D to accommodate referencing into a 2D plan sheet. Such practice, while common to the V7 workflow, creates the undesirable issue of having multiple versions of the same file in production. If the information in the file needs to change, there is a likelihood that the changes will not be made uniformly to both. Sooner or later, confusion arises as to which copy of the file reflects the most up-to-date information. Repeat: there is no longer a need to convert 3D files to 2D. Don't do it! If the need arises, set your active depth to zero and activate the Depth Lock

    This workflow is different for V8i see this thread, Depth lock not working, discussing this.

    HTH - Roy