Raster Manager Tiff File Won't Load


I have a 2 tiff file of Aerials of the same location taken in different years one in 2007 and other in 2010 with major construction changes like new building etc. and the properties of each are shown below. I'm trying to attach this using raster manager but I'm only able to do so with the 2007 where with the 2010 I'm getting a can not read tiff error. Is there a solution for this or is the file or bit size just to big for MicroStation to take. This files where taken from a usgs.gov website so they a coordinately attaching right so i don't know if compressing them would change that or not. Any help or pointing me in the right direction would be of great help and gladly appreciated. If I was unclear or you need more information feel free to let me know as well. 

2007 Tiff (286 MB)

2010 Tiff (381 MB)

Thank You,