Tool Settings

I recently was forced to start using a Windows 7 machine and since switching I have an array of problems, when using Microstation V8 2004. Yes I understand its not compatible and what not.  Either way it is was I use for many reasons, main one is that is what ALL my clients use. I work with multiple municipalities so the likely hood of them upgrading Microstation's is highly unlikely. I wanted to get that out there before the first response was to upgrade. I am having a problem with my tool settings not saving. I can create a tool or tool box in a session use it throughout the session, then close and reopen Microstation and BAM they are gone. Also I can open my reference and level  manager dialogs same thing happens to them.  Also my views are never saved it always reverts back to where it was and what was on when I opened the file the first time. YES I am saving settings, I have tried the check the box to automatically save i have tried the file>save settings i have tried the key-in and none of them work.

I know this won't matter to Bentley but they should really think about atleast putting some minor effort into trying to create patches or fixes for this. I know a lot of municipalities that use V8 2004 and during this time they really dont have the means to upgrade Microstation.

Any and all Help would be appreciated.