Broken Lines after Zoom, V8 2004 & Windows 7

When zooming in some  lines become broken or zagged.  Refreshing the window doesn't make any difference.  Any idea how to eliminate the problem?  Something to do with video card?

Yes I know V8 2004 isn't certified for Windows 7 & no we aren't going to upgrade to V8i.

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  • There is another thread about this somewhere.

    Are you using the default Aero theme? You might need to right click on ustation.exe and in the properties dialog, you can set a custom compatibility mode. I seem to recall using "Disable desktop composition" to fix the issue.

    What will happen, is that when running V8, windows will turn of transparency and a number of other Aero theme components and that seems to fix it. Users will need to understand that this is to be expected and not call support when parts of the Aero them stop working.

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