DGN file settings

Does anybody know if there are key-ins that will change the DGN File Settings shown in the image?

I would like to change the settings in red to the settings in green. I have tried to record a macro but the the macro doesn't record ANY settings for accuracy.

I am hoping to add this information to my startup macro.

Thank you

  • Hi,

    if you will search discussion forums e.g. for "keyin accuracy" , you will receive the answer.

    Usually what works is to record VBA macro and check what internal setting is responsible for the value.

    Another solution, which I tested on V8i (SELECTseries 2) but I expect it should work with V8 2004 Edition also, are keyins:

    • vba execute ActiveSettings.CoordinateAccuracy = msdAccuracy3 (or msdAccuracy2 etc., see MicroStation VBA help).
    • vba execute ActiveSettings.AngleAccuracy = msdAngleAccuracy3 (or msdAngleAccuracy2 etc., see MicroStation VBA help).

    With regards,


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