Bulk cell mirroring (after bulk cell replace)

Hello, I have a lot of cells that need to be replaced with a different cell.  This I can do.  However, there is a problem with either the old or new cells, and the new cells end up as a mirror copy of the original.  The angle of the cells follows an arc going across the document, so there is no one set angle.

I can do a bulk replace of the cells.  But then I need to manually go through and mirror each cell individually, around it's centre point.  If I try to mirror all of the cells at one time, then everything grabbed is mirrored as one object (putting the cell that was at the top left of the document to the top right).

Is there a way to quickly mirror all the cells about their own centre point?  Or, perhaps when replacing cells, to have them mirrored in the first place?

Using version 8.05, and I'm not a programmer.


As a visual idea...


d     )

     d   d


b     (

     b   b