Working Units from V7 to V8

We have about 15 different client Workspaces at our company. 2 of our clients require that we keep everything in V7/J. We have 2 references that are just place holders for the Engineers stamp and seal. The files have to be opened in V8 because V7 doses not allow rasters to come in with the reference file. In V7/J the references look fine. When the same file is opened in V8 the references change scale. I suspect that it has to with the conversion of the working units, which I absolutely detest. I believe in absolutes. An inch should be and inch a millimeter should be a millimeter, not whatever you want it to be. I do not want to have to make 15 set of stamps and seals for each Engineer, they have enough problems with the ones they have. It does not seem to matter if reference is true scale or not true scale. No sure is there is some sort of variable like MS_V7SAVEWITHOUTENHANCEDPRECISION  that needs to be set.

Warning: Changing the storage resolution will affect the size of existing elements, and could cause compatibility issues when saving to V7. Please refer to the administration documentation or your site administrator before changing advanced unit settings.