Microstation V8 in Win8


I´m planning to make an update from win 7 to win 8. Anybody knows if Microstation V8 2004 works properly in Win 8? Bugs or patchs need it?

Thanks and regards from Costa Rica... :-)

  • Hi,

    MicroStation V8 2004 Edition is not certified for Windows 8 (and also not for Windows 7), so nobody is able to guarantee it will work fine. To use any software in uncertified environment is always on your own risk.

    Did you try to search this forum and the whole web for similar topics? There are some discussions and experiences available there already. What I remember sometimes graphics can be problem (switch of Desktop composition for the application helps sometimes in Win 7, so I expect it can help also in Win 8) and printing and print job spooling (which has no simple solution at all).

    The only way is to install it and try your typical workflows.

    With regards,