Changing active depth, and display depth

Question.  I have my active depth and display depth set to the values I want in a 3D model.  Then I use the rotate view command to dynamically inspect my design (in the same view).  I use the rotate command by selecting points in the view and rotating them using the mouse (meaning I dont just select "rotate right" or "rotate front")

 For some reason, using the rotate command the way I do seems to change the active depth and display depths to unwanted, odd values.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?  "ROTATE VIEW" should mean just that right?  Only rotate for the purpose of viewing?



  • For this sort of thing I would seriously get used to using Clip Volumes. Display depth is not dynamic as you might assume and does not move as the view is rotated, it is instead fixed to the view independant of the model rotation. This is why Clip Volums was introduced.


  • I have a slightly different problem.

    I want to set my active depth equal to zero.
    I check my display depth, and it shows from -703.0620 to 214748.3647. That includes 0, so I should be good...
    Key in AZ=0, and click to select my view. Save Settings.
    Check my active depth, and it is set to 214748.3647.

    I can't seem to change that number and I REALLY do NOT want to be working over 200,000' away from the rest of my information!

    Depth Lock is OFF.
    I've tried with Accudraw Sticky Z ON and OFF.

    Is this some sort of an ACS thing? How do I get rid of it?
    Is this some sort of read-out setting? How do I get rid of it?

    How can I set my active depth to ZERO and keep it there?


    Power InRoads

  • This gets even better...

    When I change my model from a sheet model to a design model,  I CAN set AZ=0 and the setting holds.
    Change it back to a sheet, and I get the whacked-out AZ again.

    Oh, wait...
    When it's a design model, I have all the 3D view controls available.
    Change it to a sheet. It still SAYS it's 3D, but I'm limited to only 2D view control tools.

    What is going on here??
    Where is this documented!??

    I need sheet models for my plan set, but I was only given a 3D design seed. It SEEMED simple enough to copy and change to a sheet model (To keep the rest of the settings intact)...What do you suggest I do now?


    Power InRoads

  • I have tried resetting my display depth, but I haven't had much success with that, either.

    I've attached the file. Funny, I made this copy so I could upload it, and the display depth/active depth in this version aren't even the same as in the original. I have no clue...


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