Materials keep changing to another material and different orientations

AL04 Silver Maple.celI have attached the file.

I have taken a dgn and have three models

One each has a tree of different age from xFrog Young, Mid, Adult

In Each Model I place three shapes One on each of three levels -  Top, Front, right

Each shape is the elevation size of the TREE.

I then create three materials for each Model   Plan, Front, Right

So I end up with:
a Tree on one level
A Square with a material of the Front Elevation of a Tree
A Square with a material of the Right Elevation of a Tree
A Square with a material of the plan of a Tree

Looks Good

I go through each Model and do the same

Note that I have a total of 9 different materials each with a different name

Now I cycle through the models and not the wrong materials are being used and some are upside down

I cycle through the models and make corrections

After doing this several times I realize the materials are being mismanaged and lose their place

So after I fix a model I make sure I save

Note that all the material are fine HOWEVER  I did see one quirk in the Material Manager.  There should be one plus by the three material in the Model I am working on.  this does not sync as there are usually 3 with pluses but it may be of another model and not the one I am in.  for example right now I am in the young tree model and the Med materials have a plus.

Now after correcting each model I cycle through them again and still the materials change and flip..  I even have the original of one model open and model that now has a ref of that file open and one is flipped and the other is not.