Distributed rendering issues

We figured out 2 problems with scripted distributed rendering ( at a customers site

1. when running a script, the switch to include the current session into the rendering process seems to be ignored. The render process starts at the render server (there is only a single one), and none of the frames where calculated at the initiating workstation. This is true, no matter if an existing group is choosen or the group option is set to all and no group exists (the standard configuration doesn't work with render groups at the customer site). Nevertheless, when using the DR from the standard luxology dialog, both, the curretn session, and the render server are incorporated.

2. From time to time, the resulting saved image (i.e. jpg)  of a scripted distributed rendering is not correct. It's almost to bright, while the bmg file is correct and if using the save button from the luxology dialog the resulting jpg is correct. This not always the case and not limited to a specific file or rendering. It might be different for the same file and view when using different script orders.

Any ideas or knowing issues ?