OBJ Textures showing in ProjectWise

Dear Forum

i have Trees with OBJ textures on my local drive and the trees show with the OBJ texture. When i upload the Tree Model, texture OBJ and MTL file to ProjectWise i cannot get the texture to show. Am i missing something? model, OBJ and MTL are in the same dir. OBJ and MTL have a Project Code, so not the original it had outside ProjectWise. Could this be an issue?

if it is, im unsure how to reapply the texture???

  • adding to this, i now have a Building textured with OBJ, the OBJ File, MTL file and all the OBJs called on by the MTL File, in one PW locartion, the MTL written to find the paths of the TIFFs which drive the OBJ... this works on my local drive but doesnt when put into ProjectWise. Any ideas why this might be? do i need a special path?

    whats odd is that in materials dialog, the TIFF is there in name but is not found. i can manually reconnect the TIFF for the Material but isnt this what the MTL File is supposed to do for me?
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