(InfoSnap V8i) -- call for Beta

Hi friends,

I have posted a Beta release of your favorite free utility InfoSnap, now ported to V8i.

The download place is (as always) our web site at: http://www.ustation.se

Be careful do download the correct version (i.e. V8i, as all available versions are not interchangeable platformwise), then simply unzip InfoSnap files to your ...\microstation\mdlapps directory, enlist it in MS_DGNAPPS variable and you are basically done.

InfoSnap's functionality includes a number of intelligent tools that automate the process of uncluttering your MicroStation desktop. Not only can you extract data from MicroStation graphics, but also you have plenty of room to hunt for data without interference from dialog boxes, tool palettes and the like. Advanced threat detection and warning system protects user from numerous mishaps caused by some of more difficult to observe MicroStation conditions.

Base functionality covers:
- Instant access to element source, attributes, and data.
- Instant activation of retrieved attributes and reusing them for new elements.
- Full control over AccuSnap's balloon.
- Instant navigation across reference files and DGN models.
- Cleanup precious working area by automatically hiding or shrinking (and expanding) MicroStation dialog boxes on cursor flyover.
- And more... much more.

Virtually all features are fully user-configurable.


Best Regards,

/Chris Zakrewsky

Team uStation AB




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