Construct line equally on either side of cursor

There is one line command I feel that Microstation is missing is the ability to place a line at a given length equal on both sides of the cursor. Anyone who is familiar with the "Construction Line" tool in AutoCAD should know what I am talking about. I have not worked in AutoCAD since R2000i so I do not know if it still exists but inR200i and previous version you could use the construction line tool to place a line of infinite length at any angle on the screen. The line would extend on either side of the cursor. It would be nice if Microstation would have a toll to place a line of a fixed length on both sides of the cursor. If the place line tool had a check box to say equal length on both sides of cursor would be a great improvement.

 I have not found this option anywhere in Microstation. Am I missing it somewhere? Right now I use the place line tool to place a line at a specific length and then use the extend line to extend it in the opposite direction that same length.

 Any thaughts??????



  • Sounds like this tool was invented to solve a specific problem?  If you can explain the use cases or problems that the tool solves, I'll bet we can solve the need with a somewhat different workflow.

    Robert Garrett
    Senior Product Engineer
    Bentley Systems Inc.

  • Mike:

    There is one line command I feel that Microstation is missing …

    Does Copy Parallel do anything for you?

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

  • Hi Mike

    The line in ACAD that you are referring too is a XLINE and it is still available in ACAD2010.  In MicroStation there is no such line. However MS does have constructions line but this still does not relate to your question as its length is user defined.  The problem you may have in MS is that if you place such a line and then zoom> fit all, you may find your design is tiny as it may use the extents of the Xline to fit the view.  I have just checked this in ACAD2010 and the Zoom Extents ignores the XLines.

     Over to bentley on this.

  • Here is an example of what is needed. In the attatched screenshot you can see I have lines place every 25' on an alignment equal distance from the baseline. I created this using InRoads Cross Section tools. That works well for someone who uses InRoads all the time. From a purely drafting stand point, as we have drafters who do not use InRoads, if a person wanted to place either a single line or 2-3 lines in this fashion w/o InRoads you need to draw a line using the simple place line tool at a given length the invoke the extend line tool to extend the line by that same length to the opposite side. This example shows the lines perpendicular to the baseline as a quick example. The ability to place a line that is eaual distance on either side of the cursor is a nice tool to place a line at any length and angle quickly in one step. Does not matter if you want to measure thing that cross it's path, see what is in the specific path, or use it as a starting point to draw from. There are many senarios that this would be a useful tool and should be easy to incorporate.



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