ACS in 8,11

I find how ACS works togehter with snaps and that they are per view very
difficult to work with. They cause me many clicks going to wrong place and
many visits to acs-dialog and toggling of snaps in a normal BA workflow.

I have a feeling things could be better and smarter. I have two screens and
several views always open and at least one with vertical view; front or
right etc. When I want to snap there it is more likely that the snap is
forced away from my intended point.

I can see the use of per view acs for special situations- but normally
pulling together a 3d-model of a house I would think ONE acs would be
better. And when snapping in a front view the normal thing would be to have
no acs active.

So - could there be an easy switch to have a "global" acs + a view attribute
to disregard the acs when its plane is parallel to view z.

One notion I got was to use the acs-triad as a "sweet spot" to set acs
on/off /change.
regards / Thomas V
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