Select Series 1 versus Series 2

Could someone please explain the difference between Microstation V8i Select Series 1 and Series 2?  Is Series 2 simply an updated, current version of Microstation? 

Our firm is looking to test-drive Bentley Architecture V8i for the BIM features and it took me a while to discover the proper Verison in order to run with the proper Version of V8i we have installed in our office.  Long story, short; we have no IT department (small firm) and the concern is that we've fallen back on our updates of the software. 

Is Series 2 the most current V8i software?  Or is "Series 2" something completely different than "Series 1"? 


  • Yes, SELECTseries 2 is the "next in the series" of releases -- basically a SELECT update release. Note that download listings in SELECTservices Online will show their dependencies (e.g. the release of MicroStation that Bentley Architecture relies on, etc.) when you enable the toggle in the screenshot below.


  • Hi,

    simply said, V8i (SELECTseries 1) is "an enhanced version" of V8i and V8i (SELECTseries 2) is "an enhanced version" of the previous V8i (SELECTseries 1). So SELECTseries 1 and SELECTseries 2 are similar in terms of engine, GUI... , but with new features and enhacements.

    If you plan to test Bentley Architecture, you should choose the recommended version of MicroStation, so if it will be the current BA (which is SELECTseries 1), you should use MicroStation (which is SELECTseries 2).

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