Reference Sequence in V8i

Ladies and Gents,

Just after a little feedback. 

Is there anyone group here using Display Styles to roll back the use of V8 style Update Sequence for referencing 3D models? Personally, never had a group who have not wanted to move forward with this and was curious to know how others handle it. My only concern is that we'll end up having different drawings done using different methods based on user preference unless this is handled very carefully.

All thoughts appreciated.



  • Hi Bear, yes I have set up a few groups with a display order Display Style.  They try to move forward but the old files needed a quick fix.  I am sure they plan on phasing out the old legacy draw order and move to 3D and 2D Priority.  I also came across a nice check box "Non-rasterized priority sort mode" in the Pentable Options dialog that works in some situations.

    Bob Mecham