Inline leader deactivates

{Posted on behalf of BE Communities User)

Have an issue in version where if you create a dimension style and for the place note settings you turn on inline leader and save the style; when you place a note and then place a callout from same place note tool settings the inline leader option will be turned off when going back to place note.

To reproduce:
1. Open a file
2. Go to Elements>Dimension style
3. Create dimension style
4. Go to Text tab and turn on inline leader option in Note section
5. Save dimension style
6. Place note using new dimension style
7. Now in Place note tool settings click on place call out
8. Place call out
9. Now go back to place note, notice inline leader is turn off and the dimension style is now out of sync with local style. (Same thing happens if style is coming from dgnlib file)
You now have to manually turn on inline leader each time after placing callout.