Error - cannot locate ms_transeed file

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The program cannot locate ms_transeed file, though the variable is pointing to the correct location.  I cannot export to .dwg

  • If you are using the Export command or the Save As command, you normally get the message about MS_TRANSEED when you are opening a DWG file. The Save As command will automatically try to open the DWG file after the file is created.

    In the DWG Open Options dialog box, The setting “DGN Seed File” points to the file that MicroStation is using to open the DWG file. You can mouse click on the name of the file and brows to and select the DGN file that you want to use as your seed file. This setting gets used before the variable MS_TRANSEED is used. The variable is used as a default if there is no seed file defined in the DWG Open Options dialog box.

    You can also set the variable MS_TRANSEED_OVERRIDE equal to 1. When set to 1, MS_TRANSEED overrides user settings, always. This will force MicroStation to use the variable MS_TRANSEED and not use the seed file in DWG Open Options dialog box.