issue(s) 3/10

For the VTOL case see also the issue(s) 1/10 thread.

What is the issue here is to "control" script an Actor who follows a nurbs/bezier path that is non planar.

Say like scripting a VTOL that can fly as a helicopter and as a classic plane.And what has to do that with AEC purposes may you ask and why should we bother about such things. Well....several presentations these days they DO have some "futuristic" content that requires some "futuristic" decorative things.

See this? You think that's from some sci-fi/welcome to hell  movie? No friends...that's some place in China in 2 years from now.

None of the VTOL1/2/3 Actors emulate this goal. The closest is the VTOL3 case but only if we could constrain the Cyan axis (Actor's X) in a, say, horizontal plane .If the path is "normal"/simple we could do it by locking Actor's Z and applying controlled rotations per axis - see VTOL2 Actor (yaw rotation). Attempting to point to a "suitable" target like the VTOL1 Actor case is out of question (especially if the velocity is variable as is in any take-off/landing case).

In other words the requirement is : an Actor follows a non planar path with 2 conditions : (1) the one Actor's  axis is always tangential to the path (like NOT locking the direction) and (2) another suitable Actor's axis (like the cyan in VTOL3) is always horizontal (that is vector's origin Z and vector's end Z are the same as regards the global world) and/or has always a given slope VS the global world (roll angle when turning).

Until some answer could be available some VERY irritating points:

1. If you lock the original Actor orientation ... MS understands that this means : match Actor's Z with the global Z and go on. This is totally ... well...unpleasant.

2. If an Actor has a given path attached (and partially due to 1 as above) .... changing manually the Actor's ACS triad (rotating in order X becomes Z etc etc) has absolutely no effect.

3. If you rename Actors and they are involved in some parent-child relation (like this targets that that target this etc etc) the new name doesn't appear instantly in the relation sequence ( VTOL3-target is the new name ... but the plane3-target old name is displayed) .

4. Targeting ...well...some times does extra weird things. explain the radical change from one frame(59) to the next (60) - VTOL3 case:

5. Imagine if the Actor's ACS was displayed in a clear way as in the VTOL1/2/3 Actors. What you would prefer : (a) The MS way (b) my way.

6. Several things related with the Animator system are designed with wire frame Display style in mind (like the ridiculous non re sizable triads, the arrow that confirms the direction at path definition time etc etc etc). This is rather 1960 than 2014 I may say. 

more in a while, best Peter