3d lines in conjunction with the Material Tables and Pallets

I made 3d lines which consist with Points and attached to them Strokes.
Poins were created from 3d models based on simple surfaces (unfortunately none of Smart elements or even Cells are not supported by Line Editor). To these Surfaces I attached (not assigned) custom Material. And it would seem that everything should be fine - 3D lines looks good, Materials in place, even Bumps and Displacements are OK but...

When I draw the same 3D line in another, clear file and I Render it, Material, Bump and Displacement disappear, and line is just default white.
I tried to Import Material Table and Palettes from source file, where line was created and still nothing.
I even have made dgnlib from source file....

How to properly create / Attach Material to the element of 3D line, to be Rendered as I wish to be in all files?