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Support WMS 1.3.0 version

WMS 1.3.0 was not fully supported in v8i versions while it was wrongly mentioned in help file that "Raster Manager supports WMS version 1.3."

Now in CONNECT Edition it is possible at last to attach 1.3 version WMS with some issues but now in help file it reads "Raster Manager supports WMS version 1.1.1." This is ridiculous way of solving problems with WMS 1.3.0 implementation by just removing support for it without actually fixing it. An easy fix.

Missing entry from list of What's New and Changed in MicroStation Connect Edition

1. WMS 1.3.0 no longer supported. Use older WMS 1.1.1 instead.

P.S. The Open Geospatial Consortium(OGC) released WMS version 1.0.0 in April 2000, followed by version 1.1.0 in June 2001, and version 1.1.1 in January 2002. The OGC released WMS version 1.3.0 in January 2004.